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Golf Central

We took our years of experience in the golf industry, combined it with extensive business operations management, and created the perfect solution for golf packaging centers, golf management, and vacation packaging businesses.

GolfCentral Reservation Management is used by some of the largest golf management and golf packaging companies in Myrtle Beach, and is now expanding to other golf destinations. Our extensive experience within one of the largest golf destinations in the world has uniquely positioned us to offer technology that has been fully tested and implemented in the real world.

Like all of our products, we built Golf Central with customer relationships in mind. There may be no other industry where that is more important than the golf packaging industry! Manage your contacts and new leads using one of the most robust contact management solutions available, and the only one that seemlessly integrates with your website and reservation system.

Golf Central Is Simple To Use

Golf Reservations This enterprise ready solution is simple to use, but don't let that fool you! Under the hood, we built a complex system that takes the manual steps out of your day to day activities. Give your reservationists more time to focus on their clients and less time on managing spreadsheets.

Easily set up and book accommodations, even when you don't have your own inventory. Set up amenities to add on such as gift cards or free lunch. Set up T-Links, and even book under different accounts depending on the source your customer came from.

Powerful Reporting

Golf Management Reporting

At the heart of any well run business is the ability to see where you were, where you are, and where you are going. Our well designed dashboards and extensive reporting allows you to closely monitor trends and detailed real-time statistics to make informed business decisions.

The real power behind Golf Central isn't its ability to book real-time into your digital teesheet, it's the powerful reporting that allows you to analyze specific business functions and sales trends that aren't always obvious until it's too late. Real-time analysis of your pipeline, sales, and cost of doing business give you the power to focus your energy in the areas of greatest profit generation.

CRM (Lead Tracker) Integration

CRM Managing your leads and previous customers is crucial to the continued growth of your business. Golf Central is tightly integrated with one of the most powerful and flexible CRM's on the market. As you add group members to your tee time reservations, they are instantly added to your contact list, tracking the lead source for each individual.

Already have a contact list? We can import that list into your CRM.

Need to set up forms on your website? Using a simple form wizard, you can create the HTML that will automatically feed all requests into your CRM.

Guest Portal

Guest Portal Let your guests manage their groups and payments using our Golf Central Guest Portal! This easy to use, yet powerful tool will save up to 25% of your reservation agents time simply by allowing your guest to make payments online rather than calling your agents. Your group leaders will be able to manage their group, sending invitations to each member. Once added, each group member is able to pay their portion of the vacation package.

Tee Sheet Integration

With a live availability and booking integration into T-Links, and many other digital tee sheets, Golf Central becomes a central portal for your golf vacation packaging business. Your reservationist no longer need to bounce between browser tabs, spreadsheets, and printed rate sheets. All of this information is immediately available to them from one central screen. Imagine the improved efficiency your call center will receive by streamlining the booking process, and eliminating the added steps of reporting through proprietary spreadsheet based reports!

Take Credit Card Payments

Golf Central allows you to take payments right in the system. Need to take payments from multiple guests on one reservation? That is no problem with Golf Central. We track all payments and apply it to the generated payment schedule while processing the credit card transaction in real time.

Golf Central currently integrates with Authorize.Net and ETS payment processors. Both of these systems are highly secure and are most likely what you are already using if you use a point of sale system such as IBS. W3Effect can integrate with other systems on an as-needed basis.

Free Updates

As part of your monthly service agreement, you will receive updates and bug fixes for free as long as you are using Golf Central. This does not include customizations. You aren't buying a system that will be outdated in a year, we continue to expand and update the functionality of Golf Central, so you always have the latest and greatest.

Let's Get Started

Let our team help you focus your sales team on the high value selling, and create a more efficient sales process for your golf packaging business.

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