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Customer Relationship Management

CRM At the heart of every customer-focused company is well thought out and used Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). That is why we build our software with a foundation on one of the most extensible and user friendly lead tracking systems. But, we don't stop there, we continue to expand our product offerings into specific areas where we can benefit our clients the most.

There are many solutions to choose from in an already crowded CRM market, but the majority are hosted solutions with little ability to easily integrate with the software that you use everyday. With our CRM you have access to software that is every bit as powerful as familiar products such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics. We turn their model on it's head! W3Effect will install and host your CRM, while giving you your own unique software installation. This allows you to customize various elements to fit your specific business needs.

Integrate With Your Website!

Using a simple wizard, you can create campaigns and set up web-based forms that integrate your website with your CRM. You don't need to be a programmer to enjoy seemless lead entry from your websites contact forms.

Integrates With ALL W3Effect Software!

Our web-based software is built with business operations at the heart of all design decisions. Building a simple website is easy, we don't do that. Our software is designed to do business online, and to make your job easier. From real estate to golf, W3Effect has built powerfull software and made it available to everyone.

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The extensibility and ease of integration is limitless. Let our team help you focus your sales team on the high value selling, not the low value administration.

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